Chainsaw Awareness

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Comprehensive in-class chainsaw awareness training session.

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@ Ménard Office 28 Radisson Dr, Embrun, OnEnglish
@ Ménard Office 28 Radisson Dr, Embrun, OnFrançais

Course Description

This course is currently only available on custom request, please complete our onsite course request form.

The following topics will be covered:

  • Rules & Regulations from Occupational Health & Safety Act Ontario Government
  • Chainsaw component parts and description
  • Mandatory personal protection equipment review
  • Preoperational Inspections
  • How to sharpen a chainsaw (participants do not sharpen one, instructor demonstrates only)
  • Proper handling & cutting procedures (participants do not start of cut anything with the chainsaw)
  • How to: cold start techniques and warm start techniques (chainsaw is never turned on during any demonstration)
  • Preventing kickbacks
  • Safe operating procedures
  • Written Exam

Course Details

Previous Course Requirements No
Max # of participants 18
Min # of participants 6
Course duration 3 hours
Course location Menard office, off-site
Certification period 3 years, FiiT (Formation Industriel – Industrial Training)
(There are no recertifications for this course.)